1987   Gateway to the Delta
(with James Son Thomas); W.C. Handy Award
1989   Bottomlands
(with James Son Thomas)
1991   Goin' South
1992   Dedicated
(with Checkerboard Blues Band)
1993   Conversations
2000   Better Day
2007   sidemeat

Better Day (1:00 min, 1,0 MB)
Big Boss Man (1:12 min, 1,2 MB)
Leaving You (1:17 min, 1,2 MB)
Picked No Cotton (1:07 min, 1,1 MB)
Take A Ride With Me   (1:06 min, 1,1 MB)
44 Blues (1:42 min, 1,6 MB)
Live in the "Rote Fabrik" (13:27 min)
    good quality (12,6 MB)
    medium quality (4,7 MB)
Radio WDR3 - 1/8/08 (54:41 min)
    good quality (76,9 MB)
    medium quality (12,8 MB)

Band Project: Chrigel & The Alligators featuring Wale Liniger:
In 2011 Chrigel & The Alligators played a few gigs featuring Wale Liniger. The style of The Alligators is reminiscent of the classic Chicago blues sound. Liniger on the other hand has been playing solo gigs for years, his sound is the one of an individual player.

This project combines two blues acts, Wale Liniger and Chrigel & The Alligators: the story remains unchanged, the form follows the possibilities. Donít expect well rehearsed kick-offs and orgiastic swells at the end, but look & listen to whatís happening in between.

Anybody interested in this formation, please contact Chrigel Burkhard: